Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Starting to Feel Offended That I Can't Get Into Google+

So Google+ is the next BIG social network thing. I wouldn't know because I can't get in!!! And it's starting to tick me off.

I've been invited by a couple of friends. I click on the link to "View or comment on xxx's post" I then click "Join Google+" and get taken to the start page where I'm told I'm not worthy. I've done that multiple times for the past week hoping, just hoping the lock would break away.

Ah yes, Google+ is in limited Field Trial. I even asked for them to Keep Me Posted. Meanwhile, I have to stand outside the candy store as I watch my friends and mentors like Chris Brogan post about how to use Google+, and Michael Martine, aka Remarkablogger talk about why he likes Google+ so much.

Circles are being formed and I'm on the outs.

What gives Google? I use your blogging platform here. I have a nice Google Profile created. I use Google Chrome, I Google Buzz, I use and share my Google Reader, I have multiple Gmail accounts and I even use Google Apps for my business, AND I use your apps on my mobile phone.

I've been there for you Google. Why are you treating me like a 3rd wheel?

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