Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reminiscing About Radio and More

The very first radio station I ever worked at was WPRC /WESZ in Lincoln, Illinois. We had a reunion this weekend which got me reminiscing about my old career.

My junior year, I competed in 'radio speaking' for our school's speech team. I had a great coach too, Dave Collins. He's still kicking butt in radio as s co-host of the top-rated morning show at Magic 107.7 FM in Orlando.

It was the summer before my senior year in High school that I thought it would be cool to do radio for real.

I went to the station and applied for part-time work and got hired! The guys there were great. It was the WKRP of Lincoln! Steve Charron, Mark Hunt, Jim Ash & Mickey Lee were fun teachers.

From there, I went on to work at WBNQ in Bloomington, Illinois to do on-air weekend shifts. What a great place and still a powerhouse station. Incredibly talented guys like Jonathan Drake, JD Scott, & Rick Halberg helped me up my game...and laugh my @!s off!

Then on to WLRW in Champaign, Illinois...because a radio pro named Matt McCann hired me for part-time work! There I learned the art of audio production from a master, Jason Cox. I got my first full-time gig here. I started in overnights & moved up to nights. I was inspired everyday by our #1 morning show team, the hilarious Jerome Ritchey & Melissa Forman. I was most impressed with the wisdom of the legendary Dale Weber, our General Manager.

Off I went to Peoria, Illinois to work at MIX 93.3 (the old KZ93) to do middays. Here I got to work with a couple of idols of mine, Scott Wheeler & Gary Olsen. It was so cool to play in Peoria!!

Next stop: Springfield, Illinois. Here I was in charge of commercial production for 5 WQQL, WDBR, WYMG, WYXY (now ABE). This was my first managerial role. I also was on-air middays and worked up to my first morning show.

Then back to Champaign for middays on MIX 94.5 where I was reunited with Jonathan Drake...then down the hall to Oldies 92 (now The Chief) to do mornings with the super witty Lon Ray. Man, did we have fun!

Also, thanks to Marc Kalman & Kipper McGee for their belief in my talent! Kipper made it possible for me to achieve my dream...broadcast on Chicago radio!!!! What a thrill it was to do a few shifts on 890am, WLS.

That's quite a career story...so far!

I graduated from radio broadcasting three years ago to start my own venture. I've been building my own brand & show at BiggSuccess.com. The Bigg Success Show is among the top ranked in iTunes in Business>Careers. I've done audio production projects for Microsoft. I do voice over work for COUNTRY Financial and other companies.

At Bigg Success, my husband, co-host, and teacher - George Krueger - has been giving me quite an education in business! The knowledge I have gained thus far is invaluable...and there's still so much more to learn. How lucky I am to be taught the entrepreneurial ropes by such a veteran. Owning a business has been the biggest challenge of my life!

As I look back, I am forever grateful to all of the people along my journey who have helped me both personally & professionally.

And the story continues...

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