Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Technical Difficulties: Choosing a Membership Software

Technical difficulties in radio often resulted in dead air. In entrepreneurship, it can mean anything.

Over at BIGG Success, we are working on a program that will be marketed to small businesses. I've used Wishlist Member for a program we created for community banks. It is a wonderful program that integrates effortlessly with Wordpress.

But for our newest program, we need more functionality to better organize a greater number of members in a variety of businesses. So, I've been looking at aMember Pro. When I looked over all the features, I quickly realized this program is what we need. Especially the email blast feature (which Wishlist Member also has).

The next technical difficulty came from that very feature. Our program will heavily depend on our communications, which members opt-in to receive. The number of emails I can send in a blast is based on my server, which is Siteground. That limit is 400 emails per hour. We will need to send out more than that at a given time.

Great. What do I do now?

I've heard great things about aWeber, but aMember doesn't fully integrate with that program, although with some configuring it can be done. OK, so we'll pay for an email program...but wait!

Then I noticed that with Siteground, we can have unlimited emails if we use Dedicated Hosting.

After spending a couple of days google searching, reading posts in forums, and just reading too much technical mumbo jumbo, we decided the right solution for us will be: Go with aMember, and Dedicated Hosting from Siteground. Yes, more cost than we originally thought, but it will pay for itself and then some.

Technical difficulties over. We are back On The Air!

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Jennifer said...

I haven't tried aMember yet, but I have heard pretty good things about it. If you are going to use Wordpress for content management system, Magic Members might be a good alternative. Since it is a plugin instead of separate software, integrating and managing it might be easier and a little less time consuming.