Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cutting off a Taker

Business can be a tough game. In today's world, you have a better shot of winning when you work with partners. But sometimes you can get burned with that strategy.

A friend recently went through this experience. He's been very successful with his online programs. He taught a lot of his strategies to a guy he thought would be a future partner.

But that guy took the knowledge and sells it as his own.

As you can imagine, my friend is disappointed and upset. When he reached out about the situation, I said this:

You gave him advice and knowledge when he was seeking an opportunity. How nice of you to be a mentor to someone with whom you saw potential!

What value has he offered to you in return? It sounds like he's a taker. So cut him off and work only with those that give you the respect you most definitely deserve.

What would you tell my friend?

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