Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Fun on Cool Days

Bigg Fun - Lake Michigan
Originally uploaded by Mary-Lynn_BiggSuccess

Where in the heck is summer? In Illinois, we've broken records for cool temperatures twice so far in July. On July 4th (high temp was in the 60's), and now on July 17th with a high temp of 72.

I'm not complaining...well, I guess I am...I just want a warm, humid night to enjoy. Seems like we get a warm day around here, and then a storm blows in that pushes out the summer air and brings in fall temperatures.

Regardless, on this particular day in Chicago, we had hazy skies and a warm breeze. It was fantastic! Here's a little mix of some of the sights and sounds I captured using my FLIP camera.

For my husband George and me, visiting a big body of water is something that re-energizes us. In fact, we worked a little fun in with our workday that included some meetings in the city.

On our blog / podcast over at, we always talk about the importance of balancing work and play. When you can't take a whole day to play, synergize to put a little play into your work.

Now if I could just convince Mother Nature to put a little more warmth into our summer!

- Mary-Lynn

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