Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lynn Sweet You Let Me Down

So Lynn Sweet asked what turned out to be a "gotcha" question at the President's latest Press Conference.

After listening to President Obama appeal to us one more time to support his health care overhaul, I was excited when I heard Lynn get called upon. I've always admired her journalistic savvy, so I expected a great question regarding his health care bill. After all, this is a huge bill with astronomical cost that Obama and his co-horts want to pass at the speed of light.

Maybe she would ask a question that would give us some insight into this program...something we desperately want. We keep hearing the campaign pitch lines, but never the gory little details.

Maybe she would ask him how a program like this would work, when we haven't figured out a way to correct the problems in our existing programs like Medicare.

Maybe she would ask him what he and Congress are doing to work on our illegal immigration problem, since at least 15 million of them are among our uninsured.

But no, she asked him about Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I've read her blog post about why she asked that question: The story behind my Obama press conference question - Lynn Sweet.

I don't care that the White House didn't set it up as a health-care-only press conference. That's what President Obama talked about...that's what everyone was talking about....until Lynn asked her completely unrelated, non-relevant question.

I just couldn't believe it when I heard her question leave her lips. Really?? What has happened to real journalism when I can't even count on Lynn Sweet.

- Mary-Lynn

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