Monday, November 17, 2008

Fraidy The Cat Adventure 1

Today is the day we go pick up a new "kid". My sister has been taking care of a stray cat that she named "Fraidy".

Fraidy obviously had a home once, since the cat always wants to go inside. My sister has 4 dogs and a cat, so all she has been able to do is feed Fraidy. In fact, a few people in her neighborhood take care of Fraidy, and this cat knows where to go for food morning, afternoon, and evening!

While visiting my sister last month, my sister wondered if I would take in Fraidy, since I only have one cat, Fifi.

Fifi has been my loyal friend for 17 years. She's outlived all my other pets, and she's quite content being the only kid in the house.

But while getting to know Fraidy, I fell in love. Fraidy is so smart and so sweet. I agreed with my sister, that cat should not be outdoors in the coming harsh weather. Fortunately my husband George, is a good sport and is going along with this. We really don't need another pet right now, but sometimes they choose you!

So, today we go pick up Fraidy. My sister took the cat in this morning to get neutered, tested, and required shots.

Guess what? We all thought Fraidy was a girl...turns out Fraidy is an already neutered boy!

We'll be getting HIM early this evening from the vets office. More on that coming with my next Fraidy the Cat Aventure!

- Mary-Lynn

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