Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fraidy The Cat Adventure 2

Fraidy, the stray cat that we brought home yesterday has now been in his new digs for 24 hours. Here are some pics: http://flickr.com/…403653506/

Fraidy sniffed around a little, and immediately used the litter box I had bought for him! After checking out the living room, he moved up to the top level of our house and found the fluffy bed. He made himself comfortable and gave himself a bath.

Fifi has not been amused. She liked being the only cat, and spent most of last night and this morning growling. We used catnip in hopes of lifting her spirits a little.

This evening, both cats are in the same room. Fifi getting a little better and I'm sure she will come around. Fraidy leaves her alone, which is perfect.

It looks like he has a urinary tract infection. I am treating it with Vitamin C. My sister told me that you can give a cat 2 doses of 250mg of vitamin c every day until it clears up.

I'm so glad my sister introduced us to Friady. He really is a smart, mild-mannered, lovable cat. Strays tend to be that way!

- Mary-Lynn

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