Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Stand By Your Man?

Question for political wives...why do you stand by your man during a press conference, when he admits to being unfaithful?

Silda Spitzer did just that today, as her husband "Mr. Clean" admitted to being a "Mr. Dirty Dog". Calling on a call girl the night before Valentine's THAT'S heartless!

I understand that the revelation must have been shocking to Mrs. Spitzer. I imagine there may even be a sense of denial that her life has forever changed. But I don't understand why politician wives stand beside the man who betrayed them on National TV.

Suzanne Craig was right there when her husband claimed his guilty plea to the "bathroom incident" was just an overreaction.

Dina McGreevey stood by her then-husband's side as he admitted to having an affair...with a man.

Look, I'm not bashing a woman for staying with a man that she loves and has built a family with. That is understandable...but on the other hand, I'd tell my hubby to kiss my a-- and do his own damn press conference! It's your mess baby...YOU face the lights...I'll be here in the privacy of my own home.

Or in the case of Silda, I'd suggest if he wanted a woman by his side for the press conference, maybe he could call the Emperors Club...he definitely knows the number!

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