Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quit Playin' Games With My Wheat Grass

I have truly enjoyed watching "Celebrity Apprentice." I even predicted before the latest episode that the final two would be Piers Morgan and Trace Adkins. Piers has won and been responsible for so many wins for his team. Trace has a brilliant marketing mind. They both are competitive, opposite personality types, and "The Brit" vs "The Cowboy" is very sexy.

For the final task, final task Piers and Trace will be judged by their work on a grand charity event.

Peirs and his team is handling catering and produce a charity auction. While Trace and his team will take care of d├ęcor and handling The Backstreet Boys, who will perform. Which brings me to the point of my blog...

Trace has sold millions of records. He's toured the country and back. He thought this task would be a piece of cake. Not so. The Backstreet Boys have quite the list of backstage demands...even for a charitable event. As Trace tries to get them to let up, they balk.

And of them asks for "Wheat Grass". Apparently, it's good for you, and helps give you a boost. You can read more about it here. Then they ask that the bottled water be "room temperature", "Oh, and some tea would be nice", adds another one of the boys. You can see all of their backstage demands here.

It's THREE pages long. Lot's of fruit and fruit juice requests...which seems fitting. Especially since the the preview about the finale shows Trace being asked to get one of them black finger nail polish!

I guess I don't understand why The Backstreet Boys are behaving like spoiled little boys? Don't they see the TV camera's filming them? I mean, it's a charity! Don't you think you could buy your own case of beer, quart of apple juice and slab of wheat grass?

I remember Trace joking about the group's name. He asked, "shouldn't they be named Backstreet Men, or Backstreet Gray Hairs? Nope. Based on the behavior they've displayed thus far, they are DEFINITELY still boys.

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- Mary-Lynn

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