Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars According To Twitter

During the Oscars, I hung out with other Twitter movie fans, and watched the action on TV, along with the reactions on the net.

Thanks to a post by Jeremiah Owyang, I found a great place to hang out:

You can read the conversations that went on by clicking on that link, but I've brought some of the highlights over to my blog.

You get it all...comments on outfits, moments that stood out during the broadcast, and funny little observances.

Three-and-a-half hours boiled down to this:

@mikedoe: Get ready for 3+ excruciating hrs with maybe 1 or 2 unscripted moments, 1 or 2
decent speeches, and 25 or so Jack Nicholson reaction shots.

@christinelu: Not watching the Oscars. Much more fun watching Tweets of people watching

@williamsba: The only movie I've seen that is up for an Oscar is Surf's Up, sad isn't it?

@marylynn3: Oscars Red Carpet 2008: Colin Farrell looks extra greasy tonight and Johnny Depp looks a little like Harry Potter.

@Schmult: Cameron Diaz.. She doesn't have a date? Grr.. She should have called.

@vargas: I think Hillary Swank is really a man.

@sturlington: messy hair is obvious in this year

@mikedoe: OMG! Jack Nicholson is in the Oscar's front row...and he's wearing SHADES. Holy sheeeet, MAN!

@mediaphyter: Dear god, please turn off the Celine

@sass: NICE... wonder if APPLE paid for that placement or if Stewart is just a fanboy...

@Kforbriger: guess for animated : the rat movie

@mediaphyter: Katherine Heigl looks stunning.

@twot: Heigel has too much junk on her forehead, tan juice.

@jowyang: She looks like Marilyn Monroe

@mizzle: Always fantastic ... Jessica Alba. Princess Fluffybreast?

@sturlington:i would prefer for jon to sing the nominated songs

@cinevegas: First upset of the night, Golden Compass taking the Oscar instead of the Transformers crew

@ChironAE: Javier Bardiem for supporting Actor. dont appologize for speaking in your native tounge.

@sdquinn:Owen Wilson up presenting. It's sad to think he might not have been there this year. Funny how those things work;

@rabeidoh:Why did they have Owen Wilson present when he can't pronounce foreign names?

@mediaphyter:This Jerry Seinfeld bee thing is so not funny

@DavidStL:Tilda wins Supporting Actress WOW. Color me shocked.

@jstogdill:Holy crap. Tilda Swinton can't possibly be the same woman that was on film. Could she look any more different? She's funny tho.

@cinevegas:Super delegates joke was a rimshot

@ChironAE:Miley Cyrus needs to eat more.

@sdquinn:Jon Stewart introducing someone pregnant actresses Alba, Blanchett, and Kidman for the record. "And the Baby goes to..Jolie"

@stomptokyo:Baby goes to Angelina Jolie! First really big laugh of the night.

@sdquinn: Dame Judy Dench and Halle Berry replaced by Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan.

@RickCaffeinated: French win for best actress - it's a european evening, isn't it?

@naturalwoman: Marion Cotillard is one passionate French girl!

@jljohansen: First the iPhone and now the Wii. Is it just for laughs or product placement encroachment?

@ChironAE: Colin Ferrel slipped in the same spot as Miley. I wonder what I'd look like with his hair.

@jbruin: realizing this movie montage is great for NYT crossword puzzle clues

@cinevegas: Yes! About time an IMDB joke made it to mainstream. Thanks Jon!

@warrenss: Penelope Cruz has furball a coming out of her chest.

@rabeidoh: Yum @ Patrick Dempsy

@ChironAE: John slipped, too! LOL Someone throw some tape down on the stage already.

@taxtweet: Falling Slowly = Snoozing Quickly. Again. I just don't get it and, yes, I do love music and movie soundtracks. but not this one.

@rpasay: OMG, lol, all the songs to Enchanted lost.

@marylynn3 Wow, pretty cool they let the musician chick come back on to say her thank you since she was cut off. Isn't that an Oscar first??

@vargas: Cool, Jon. Best of the night is best song speech #2

@ChironAE: Cameron Diaz just went ghetto! LOL Head popped and hands on hips, "Oh I can do it." Was waiting on the shoes to come off.

@cinevegas: Heath Ledger, too sad. Where was Renfro?

@USofA: "Taxi to the Dark Side" a great movie that should have been showing everywhere in the USofA.

@ikepigott: Aside: if Keira Knightly and Jay Leno had a child, would it have the most lethal chin ever?

@yur: Wife observes that this is the year of the "bootie" as all the dresses seem to be accentuating the junk in the trunk

@sdquinn: Daniel Day-Lewis completely deserved. Well done. He really deserves it. I need to go see TWBB.

@kimdushinski: "hate the earrings" - my daughter says

@sdquinn: Yay for the Coen Brothers picking up their second award of the night and a very well deserved Best Director win.

@FirstDigg: Grrr.. No Country won Best Director & Picture. I'm upset.

@ChironAE: Where's the milkshake joke. I've been waiting all night long.

@FirstDigg: @ChironAE Here's your milkshake joke

@mattmansfield: I give Jon Stewart a solid 7 as a host. Funny, in spots. Gets my applause most for bringing Markéta Irglová back for her moment.

@drthomasho: only 18 minutes overtime :-)

@jdcoffman: I've gotten over 800 txt messages tonight by Tracking #aa08 and "Academy Awards" ... amazing the participation going on this evening!

@twot: It's been a pleasure to cover the 80th Awards with y'all!!

@taxtweet: that was fun movie fans. See you same Twitter time in 09! 'night all.


How about that! Some great conversation, plus, I made a lot of new Twitter friends! You can find me there as @marylynn3.

- Mary-Lynn

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