Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gene Simmons Got Fired On Purpose


I've had several conversations over the weekend about "Celebrity Apprentice".

First of all, The Apprentice is back! Finally, it's interesting again.

The hubub this weekend has been about Gene Simmons, and why he pulled such a dumb stunt by NOT bringing back Nely to the board room, even though Donald Trump was practically begging him to do so. Gene insisted on bringing back two team members, who Trump could not fire.

Why did Gene do it? Because he wanted to. The man is a master at self-promotion. He'd pulled off a couple of good campaigns (even though he lost the Kodak campaign). So here's why he chose to get fired:

- his rep is still in tact
- he's bored

Basically, he goes out on top. He avoids getting dragged down into petty arguments that are sure to increase. He avoids making any big mistakes.

Gene Simmons got all the publicity he wanted out of The Apprentice.


- My first album ever, was KISS "Love Gun" (I was in 4th Grade)

- I had a crush on Gene Simmons, until the first time I saw him spit blood. Then I switched to Paul Stanley. (It's soooo disgusting, and Paul has a sexy hairy chest!)

- I saw KISS live at "The Mark" in Moline, Illinois back in '96. It was the most thrilling concert I've ever seen!


What was your first album, and what was your favorite concert of all time?


Billy Jack said...

As a good church going boy growing up, I was convinced that KISS stood for Knights In Satan's Service, so I chose not to listen to them. When I grew into adulthood, I realized what a talented group they were. I also learned that they didn't wear that make up all the time--only during their shows. Who knew?...

Prabath Ratnayake said...

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prabhath from sri lanka

Mary-Lynn said...

billy jack, I always ignored that satan stuff. I just loved the ROCK!

prabhath, I'll check out your site.

Thanks for your comments!!