Sunday, January 6, 2008

Am I Smart Enough To Choose The Right Smart Phone?

I'm itching to get a new phone....bad! I'm on Twitter, and Facebook, and would love a phone that allows me to do my social networking on the go. My current phone has a web browser, but it doesn't have enough memory to load the sites I use.

My favorite place to compare phones is phonescoop. You can line up 5 different phones and compare their features. I feel like the reviews are honest too.

But the new hot phones are rolling out....and what is Google going to come out with?

Also, according to techie news, smaller and cheaper laptops and handheld computers are coming in the next year or two.

All these variables tend to keep me frozen in an outdated cell phone world. I want to make a smart decision...partly because I am cheap, and partly because I know I'll be stuck with my decision for two years. Heck, my new purchase could be outdated 6 months from now!

There are two more reasons why I'm stalling on getting a new phone:

- I'll have to enter all of my numbers manually

- I'll have to read a new manual!

Show me a smart phone that can do those things for me, and I'll pay any price!

Have you recently upgraded to a smart phone? What do you recommend?

By the way, I'm thinking of going with this one...but NOT in maroon!)

- Mary-Lynn


Nick Schmidt said...

The Nokia N95 is supposed to be a good cell phone. With wifi capabilities and more awesome features.

I think one of my vlogger friends just got it and did an informative video to people.

Anonymous said...

iPhone all the way baby.