Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Want You to Want Me

Over the holiday weekend, my fiance George & I took in a Cheap Trick concert at Naperville's "Last Fling" festival with my friends Jodi & Eric, and Mary & Matt. I'll tell you the highlights and the lowlights of the trip and show.

Highlight: Cubs Win! George and I were entertained on the trip up from Champaign, listening to the Cubs come from behind victory.

Highlight: My best friend Jodi bought our tickets for the show, since we were driving in to visit!

Lowlight: The "security guard" who checked my bag was a 12-year old kid!?!?! I can understand needing volunteer help to put on a big concert, but have adults as bag checkers please!

Highlight: We make it in before the concert starts, so there's time to buy a beer!

Lowlight: Once we find a spot to hang out, some row nazi armed with a flashlight chases us away. "You can't stand there...MOVE!". Real nice, dude. Maybe next time you could rope off area's you don't want people to stand. How are we supposed to know? Lighten up. Get over yourself.

Highlight: Cheap Trick rocks out to Dream Police, after Rick Neilsen makes a funny crack about the Senator from Idaho who looks for dates in the restroom.

Lowlight: The Porta-Potties. This is never pleasant, but these were sooo nasty, and the lines were terribly long. I had to enjoy "The Flame" in the bathroom line. It took so long for my turn to come, that by the time we got back to the beer stand, they had cut off sales!

Highlight: Mary brought along wet wipes in her purse! Thank the Lord I could wash my hands off after the porta potty visit!

Lowlight: I wore the wrong kind of shoes for outdoor standing. I knew that when I got dressed, but the shoes with heels looked better with my outfit. Beauty ain't painless!

Highlight: Cheap Trick sings "If you want my love"!!! I was singing along and having a good old time.

Highlight: (The biggest of the evening) Cheap Trick sings "Voices" and my George danced with me and sang the lyrics in my ear: (quite romantic!)

"Hey, its me again.
Plain, you see again.
Please, can I see you evry day?
Im a fool again.
I fell in love with you again.
Please, can I see you evry day?

You didnt know what you were looking for
till you heard the voices in your ear.
You didnt know what you were looking for
till you heard the voices in your ear."

Lowlight: George and I had to drive all the way back home after the show b/c my dog Gus is still on the mend.

Highlight: We pulled off at a Denny's for coffee and eggs! We don't have a Denny's around here anymore. I was able to order "Moon's Over My Hammy!" Actually, I substituted bacon for ham, so I had "Moon's Over My Bacon!"

Lowlight: It's really a long, boring drive back to Champaign from Naperville, and no baseball to entertain us.

Highlight: I picked out great road music: Miles Davis, Police, Steve Miller and more. It kept us awake.

Highlight: It's 2am and we are home!!! We were so glad we made the trip. Another chance to share an experience with good friends. Another fun memory. Another bit of romance for George and me and a whole day together!

Here's just a few pictures:

- Mary-Lynn

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