Monday, August 27, 2007

To the defense of Owen Wilson

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Owen Wilson is getting dogged on today in comments related to the story of his attempted suicide. "Oh poor hollywood star", "Yeah, I'd be depressed if I was loaded too"...those sorts of comments.

Look, depression is a serious illness. Doesn't matter if you are hollywood or not. I'm bummed to hear he is so sad. He sure as heck makes me laugh in his movies. Why are comedians and comic actors so depressing in real life? Guess this explains why he and Kate Hudson didn't work out. He was a bummer to be around at home!

Did you watch the latest epsiode of Monk: "Mr. Monk and the Daredevil?" Monk was on suicide watch! Monk's nemesis Harold Krenshaw had people convinced he was The Green Fly (a guy who would scale tall buildings aka Spiderman). Monk is a strange guy, with all of his phobias, but he felt good about himself b/c he thought Harold was more of a loser. Now that Harold was a hero, Monk fell to rock bottom. He had to look at himself and didn't like what he saw. Monk finally snapped out of his funk when he found out that Harold really wasn't the Green Fly.

We all get bummed out big time at some point, just some of us choose to do it without razors and a bottle of pills. For those that do, they make great medication to keep you in a better mindset. Let's hope Owen Wilson has a better than average Hollywood doctor.

- The Monk site
- Click on comments...some guy actually takes a heartless swipe at Owen's nose!

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Anonymous said...

The responses to Owen's suicide is what prompted me to write the post about depression..we naturally assume that people know about it but it is the wrong assumption to make. It's too bad. Yep, I could not believe that Monk was on a suicide of my favortite shows by the way ;)