Friday, August 24, 2007

Kid Nation; Sick Nation

I am so disturbed that CBS is exploiting children because they refuse to pay writers and actors to make a damn sit-com that's actually funny!

If you haven't heard the premise of this show, here it is: 40 childern ages 8-15, live on their own in a New Mexico "ghost town" without their parents, to see if they can build a working society without the help of adults.

The show has been making headlines lately because CBS may have been in violation of state child-labor laws. Now, some parents are complaining their kids had to work super long days, that their treatment bordered on abuse, and their payment is too little.

Gee...where were these concerned parents BEFORE they sent their little one off to the desert? What parent in their right mind would allow their child to participate in something like this?

When I was growing up, my mom wouldn't even let me spend the night at a friends house without making sure that her parents would be there to supervise. I remember being so embarrassed when she would call my friends parents. But mom was just doing her job.

We have a celebrity sick nation. Everybody wants to be a star, or better yet, sell out your kid so he or she can be the family star.

I saw a pyschologist on FOX News talking about this. She actually said "it's the opportunity of a lifetime for these kids." You have got to be kidding...the opportunity to be bullied and made fun of, the opportunity to be an even bigger bully, the opportunity to be physically harmed...all on National TV. Not to mention the kids who might be psychologically harmed by the experience.

Shame on CBS for exploiting kids and shame on the parents for exploiting their own children!

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- Mary-Lynn

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