Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Teenager Gets Plane Ride Without ID

There are so many alarming facts to go along with this story, so let me cut to the chase:

- A 15-year old Juneau girl booked her own 1-way flight on Alaskan Airlines to Charlotte to meet her online boyfriend. She bought the ticket a week in advance and snuck out of her house the day of the flight.

- When mom woke up to see her daughter missing, and figured out what she was up to, she raced to the airport with other family members, where the airline employees refused to give her the girl's flight information.

- The girl was allowed to board without ID (a policy the mom wants changed, and for security reasons, we should too!)

- After the girls flight left, mom contacted the police in Seattle, where her daughter's flight was to connect. She gave them her daughter's social-networking Web site login and password, which provided a recent photograph and more information about the online boyfriend.

- The police found the girl at the gate of her connecting flight...but because the teenager was considered an unreported runaway, police were unable to detain her.

- Fortunately, the police were able to convince the girl to call her mother and to return home.

Isn't this just plain crazy? They can't detain a minor who has obviously run away? Had they not been able to talk sense into her, and had she left, she may have never returned. With all the wacko's in the world out there, you would think common sense could trump protocol!

Also, how young are suicide bombers in terrorist organizations? Don't you think it would be wise to have minors who travel carry ID as well? If my shampoo has to be in a plastic bag, you can make the 15 year old show some ID!

And who is taking ticket reservations from minor's? I know there is stiff competition in the airline industry, but is it common to have children call up and book a one-way ticket? If so, we will have a lot more runaways!

Geez, I was never that creative as a kid. The time I tried to runaway, I packed a few items and started walking out of my neighborhood pulling my red wagon. My dad came after me, and my journey ended after about 2 blocks.


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- Mary-Lynn

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