Friday, August 17, 2007

Category 3, Mon!

Irie!!! One mother of a storm is headed to Jamaica. I love Jamaica...spent a wonderful week there a couple years ago in Ocho Rios. We stayed at the Riu. We saw some wonderful sites too: Dunn River Falls, Shaw Botanical Gardens, Fern Gully.

One of my most memorable experiences, was actually when we were leaving Dunn River Falls. You have to go through the souvenier market to get out. A marketer said he recognized us from Riu (actually, he just saw the white bracelets we had to where the whole week while staying there). Anyway, he tells us how he will carve our names into these 2 wooden scultpures. We told him we weren't sure we wanted to pay for them. He said "No problem, mon. I'll give you a good deal". When finished, my fiance, George gave him $20 (very fair, since we'd seen these same figurines everywhere). Then Mr. Jamaica tries to scam us for another $20. George got mad and said...keep the $20 and keep your sculptures, Mary-Lynn let's go". So we take off, with the Jamiacan dude chasing after us trying to give us back the money!!! "Sir, please...take your money back, please...I'll get in trouble with the hotel". It was the strangest thing. But, no one else tried to sell us anything!

But we did meet lot's of very nice people including a cabbie we hired for the day, Jeremy, and the peddlers on the resort who we bought everything from, Antonio and Garfield.

TIP: Since the resorts have peddlers walking up and down the beach all day, hook up with one and just tell the other peddlers that you are doing business with "____". It gets them to leave you alone!

What I loved most about Jamaica was the lush green of the mountains. The water was heavenly, and I spent so much time just watching and listening to the waves. At night, we would open our balcony door and fall asleep to the rhythm of the waves. In the morning, I would open my eyes to bright turqouis blue!

I wish my friends there well. Hunker down, and when the storm passes just remember: "EVERYTIN HAPPEN FA A REASON.. SHYT HAPPEN.. LIFE GO ON..!!".

Me hanging with Ziggy Marley!


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