Monday, January 8, 2007

Turn Off Your Christmas Lights!!!!!'s 13 days PAST Christmas and 7 days past New Year's Day. The time has come to STOP turning on your outdoor Christmas lights!!!!!!

I can understand if you want to wait til spring to take it down. I have no problem with that. But the holidays are way over and you CANNOT turn them on anymore!!

Get over it. Move on. Santa has come and it's just plain silly to light him up in the middle of January!!!

I have a neighbor who has one of those blow-up -Santa-Grinch displays, and every night, he is plugged in and on. This annoys me so much. Of course, this is the same neighbor who kept lighting up their Halloween display through November until it was replaced with Christmas.

I cannot stress this enough...Christmas 2006 is gone!! We are well into 2007 and your outdoor lit-up outdoor display is TACKY! It's time to pull the plug...or I might come over and do it for you!


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dan said...

that's funny right there! we've got neighbors who leave lights up all year! UNBELIEVEABLE!

I love the blog so far M-L...keep up the great work!!!