Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The People's Choice

So, I'm watching celebrities get what they really need... more praise, more awards and more attention on The People's Choice Awards.

Charlie Sheen and John Cryer accept the award for "Best Sit-Com"...FINALLY!!

Did you see Cameron Diaz??? She's got black hair now. It goes great with her black dress tonight...but I think she is definitely cuter as a blonde. Did you hear that she and Justin Timberlake have officially broken up? Maybe it was over the hair color change.

Ellen Degeneres kissed her girlfriend when they announced she won "Best Talk Show"...women love her b/c she is funny...men love her b/c she will kiss another woman and they can watch.

Jennifer Anniston won for Best Actress in "The Breakup"...she complimented her co-star and and now Ex - Vince Vaughn. He must not have been in the audience b/c the camera's didn't suddenly pan to him when she did it.

I hope Halle Berry is wearing underwear under that short little dress...oh wait, she just told us she is while accepting her award...Britney will never live that one down.

My People's Choice highlight for the night is.........(drum roll).........Doris Roberts saying
"Holy Crap"!

Gotta go work on my red carpet pose....


UPDATE: Vince Vaughn WAS there...and he looked like "Holy Crap"!

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Dan-o "Cubicle Dad" said...

Scrubs should have won for best sit-com...

And I LOVE Ellen! She's absolutely HILARIOUS!!!