Sunday, January 14, 2007

Watching Sports And Folding Socks!

I'm downstairs in the basement flipping between watching the Illini and the Bears (both teams down right now)

I've also been doing laundry like a mad woman today...both mine and George's. George has quite an assortment of socks...lot's of black and navy blue. He tends to make mis-matched pairs when he folds I've taken on that task as any good fiance would.

He leaves his socks in a big pile which I sort through. I love to sort and organize...especially when there is a close game on TV (a great place to put my nervous energy)

GAME UPDATE: Illini down by only THREE now thanks to Chester Frasier!!!!!)

I've just put together 25 pairs of socks: nylon pairs, green-tip toed pairs, pairs with stripes, and 4 socks with no partner (maybe they are in the next load).

GAME UPDATE: The Bears are now tied with Seattle!!!

Bummer, my Illini just lost to Michigan State. What a game...but you can put a "W" in my corner...I've scored some points with George for showing him some TLC!!!


GAME UPDATE: Da Bears win in overtime!!!!!!
SOCKS UPDATE: Found matches for 2 of the 4 lost socks!!

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