Friday, October 14, 2011

Should You Be Able To Eat While You Drive?

Have you ever enjoyed a breakfast sandwich while driving into work, or grabbed a burger on the go during your lunch break? Eating while driving isn't the most relaxing way to enjoy a meal, but on a busy day it's one way to fit one in.

But in Oak Park, Il, that could become a crime. The village board members there are contemplating a ban on eating and driving...presumably because we don't have enough laws.

The idea came up at their meeting this week while discussing distracted driving. The common culprits came up: cell phones and texting. But eating and putting makeup on while driving also entered the mix. It seems the board members are testing the waters on this as they say they'll wait to act on it until early next year.

That ought to give them plenty of time to find other distracting activities in the car to ban. Here's just a few I can think of:

-Sipping on coffee while driving
-Singing out loud to your favorite song on the radio while driving
-Sneezing while driving
-Viewing billboards along the roadway while driving
-Chewing gum while driving

and finally...driving while driving.

That should keep us all safe!


Nissan Dealer Los Angeles said...

Obviously the government can't control every distraction but I don't see what's wrong about trying to regulate one aspect that actually can be regulated.

Mary-Lynn said...

I just think it is overkill. When does it stop?

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