Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What You Crave: Another Lawsuit

So a guy who weights 290 pounds is suing White Castle because their booths aren't wide enough for him. Martin Kessman says the thin seats violate his rights as a fat person.

Seriously!!?! Are restaurants now required to expand their booths to accommodate chubby people? I think not. True, it is Martin's right to eat what he wants and to be as big as he wants. It is not his right to expect the world to revolve around his girth. If you eat so many White Castle burgers that you can't fit into their booth...then lose some darn weight.

I liken this lawsuit to another scenario. Lets say I were to go into a department store looking for a particular brand only to find that the store doesn't carry it. But I don't want to have to hop in my car to go to another store to find my brand, so I'll just sue this store because they didn't have what I want. My example is absurd and so is Martin's case.

What do I crave? A White Castle burger of course...with some personal responsibility on the side.

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