Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Facebook: YOU Need to Step Up to Stop Cyberbullying

All you need to do is Google "facebook cyberbullying" to see horrifying examples of how kids are using the social network to terrorize fellow classmates. The latest example is the Smut List, a group page on Facebook that lists the names of approximately 100 girls from Westchester, NY and other nearby towns.

I'll bet even Mark Zuckerberg is glad that he didn't have to endure cyberbullying when he was in his teens.

Look, he's created an amazing tool. Facebook has been valued in the billions. It isn't doing too shabby when it comes to revenue too. One would think that a company that has been credited with helping people organize international revolutions, could do something more to prevent young people from attacking each other in its own social media space. After all, didn't Facebook recently host President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for a summit to share a message that preventing bullying is a responsibility we all share?

So how about it Facebook? It seems that KIDS are taking the fall here. Can't a company valued in the billions and making revenue in the millions spend some more time and money to do a better job of policing its OWN space to stop cyberbullying?!?!

You mean to tell me there couldn't be a phone number for victims to call to report cyberbullying? There can't be filters set up on your back end that does a better job of catching "lists" or certain verbiage to alert you to cyberbullying?

Please Facebook, step up to stop cyberbullying.

- Mary-Lynn

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