Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hang Up on this Ban

According to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University, American voters support a federal ban on cell phone use while driving, even if they are going hands-free. The margin was 63-34%.

While I do agree that distracted driving is a big problem, I don't agree with support for yet another federal law that mandates social behavior.

I would prefer that our leaders in Washington focus on bigger issues that face our Country. How about our economy? Explaining to us what is in the health care bill. Actually dealing with social security and immigration.

We can't accuse Washington of getting too involved in our lives on one hand, and ask them to pass laws that require them to get involved in our lives on the other.

The bottom line is that there will always be people who lack common sense. People who don't care now, won't suddenly care because of a passed law.

Here's what that law will mean for you. You are responsible. You talk on your phone while driving only if it is vitally important...and you are very good at not crossing that boundary. Then one night on your way home from work in Chicago, you hop on the Dan Ryan to find yourself in a complete traffic are moving slower than a snail's pace. But because of the ban you can't even call your husband to let him know you'll be two hours late.

Wow, it looks like the irresponsible minority wins again.

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