Monday, November 15, 2010

DO Touch His Junk!

John Tyner wanted to fly, but he didn't want to go through the X-Ray Scan. That meant he would need to have a pat down. But he didn't want the TSA agent to "touch his junk." John didn't get on the plane, and could face a fine as high as $11,ooo because federal law and federal regulations state that once you start and enter the screening process, you have to finish it.

Oh, are such a tease.

Look, I don't have to fly often. I'm not looking forward to going through an X-Ray machine that shows me naked to a stranger, or to getting a feel-up, pat down. But those are the rules to keep us safe. That's how we get on that plane and KNOW it won't be blown up by a fanatic.

I understand John wanted to stand up for his right to keep his junk private. But his junk can't possibly be bigger than the greater good.

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