Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging with

I am trying something new this evening.

I am so busy with Bigg Success, and the services we are producing (to be released soon) that I rarely have time to blog here!

So I'm going to do more micro-blogging from my mobile using I love this simple service! I've got it set up so I can post to any single social media site, or a combination of lets you set up groups.

When I want to update Twitter & Facebook, I call up my "twitface" group, type in my message, and then tap on post message. That's it!

I added my blogger account too, so I can post whenever I want.

I can't add a picture to my post, I can't spell check, I don't even know if this post will have a title (hence why I've made it my first sentence)...but at least I can check in!

I'll also be testing out email posting, and posting photos/videos here via Flickr.

Do you manage multiple blogs? What mobile tools do you use?

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