Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Focusing on the wrong project is easy to do

When I start a project, I'm not happy until it is done. That's just the way I am. Start it...see it through. But that thinking can be a weakness sometimes.

I was putting together our Bigg Success bi-weekly newsletter the other day, and I wanted to include the video presentation we did for CareerCampLA2010. Now, our email newsletter client doesn't allow for video to be added, but I was going to link to a page on Bigg Success where I would embed the video.

I use Motionbox to store our video content. I copied the embed code to place on a WordPress page. But, Wordpress kept stripping out the code. I tried a couple of maneuvers with no luck. What I thought would be a 15 minute project had turned into an hour.

Meanwhile, George & I were a day away from hosting a focus group for a product we are creating for small business, similar to a product we've created for community banks. I needed to pull myself away from the less important project (embedding video) and focus on the more important project (the focus group) and I was having a hard time doing that. My mind was racing...why on earth was this seemingly simple project taking me so long!?!?!!?

Finally, I shook it off and left the video issue unresolved so I could work on the more pressing project.

I'm happy to report that our focus group went extremely well. And AFTER we completed the focus group, I came home and figured out a solution for the video embed. You can see the video presentation "Your Career, Your Terms" here.

The moral to this post....don't let yourself get bogged down on the wrong project!

This will always be a struggle for me. How about you?

- Mary-Lynn

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