Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Many Hats Entrepreneurs Wear

I've been so busy knocking off things on my "to-do list" that this is the first moment I've had to update my blog...but that's cause it's the beginning of the month!

Yesterday I paid bills and sent out invoices, produced an hold voice over message for a client, sent out a proposal for a new potential client, and got a logo update approved for another client.

You know, when I worked in radio, I would often where many hats: On-air personality, producer, commercial writer, sales assistant, manager, volunteer, brain stormer. I've always believed that really prepared me for entrepreneurship.

Heck, just yesterday I wore these hats: accountant, voice over artist, marketer, web designer. Tomorrow I'll throw on the social media expert and public speaker hats.

The day after that, I get to wear this one..."the money chasing" hat. I've done work for a company that has filed for bankruptcy. I've got to file a claim for my outstanding invoices. That will be the subject of another post.

The bottom line: If I had to wear the same hat everyday, I'd get tired of it. Entrepreneurship really lets me mix it up!

How about you? Tell me about all the hats you wear.

- Mary-Lynn


Anonymous said...

I wear the hats of mom, wife, chauffeur, book keeper, and even doctor from time to time for cuts and bruises. Everyday is new and unpredictable.

Mary-Lynn said...

Well here's to all the hats YOU wear! Thanks for sharing.

George said...

But you look so hot no matter what hat you wear!

Mary-Lynn said...

Awww, shucks! You are pretty handsome yourself, partner!

YST said...

Really, too many to name :).
Primarily chief marketing officer, chief strategist officer, and chief comedian :).
But it's good and fast learning!

Mary-Lynn said...

@YST "chief comedian" now that IS an important role! How could we ever get everything done if there wasn't some laughter in the day! Thanks for giving me a chuckle :)