Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Words Used to Describe Governor Blagojevich

As an Illinoisan, it has not been enjoyable to see our state getting top-story news for yet another Governor getting busted for corruption.

There has been extensive coverage on this "event" and strong words have been used to describe our Governor's behavior. This post is a compilation of one-word reactions from various sources.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald - staggering, corrupt, arrogant

Court papers - greedy, vindictive

Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley - sad

Former Governor, Jim Edgar
- unbelievable

Illinois Rep. Chapin Rose
- awful

Illinois Rep. Bill Black - audacious

More Illinois lawmakers - disgusting, embarrassing

Jim VandeHei, Politico - shameful, delusional

Words heard from various newscasters - explosive, shocking, staggering, brazen, abomination

Viewer comments from cbs2chicago.com - reckless, overdue, deplorable, outlandish

Back in September of 2006, when he was asked about the accusations that led to the investigations into his activities, Rod Blagojevich had his own one-word reactions: absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous.

My one-word reaction to that...REALLY?

My one-word reaction to the charges against him...Disgraceful!

What's your one-word reaction?

- Mary-Lynn


MrsThunder said...

well, I can't post the word and keep this family friendly, but it rhymes with a person who makes a living driving big rigs cross country.

Not a great day to be from Illinois, so sad becuase I love this state and Chicago so much.

Mary-Lynn said...

Thanks for keeping it G-rated! Apparently, our Governor doesn't do the same when strong-arming people on the phone!

MrsThunder said...

Im still fuming, and Im not sure why as I have never been a big follower of politics. Anyway, check this out from the sun times, Ryan has apologized, and here is the statement