Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Gmail?

I was asked that question yesterday, and yes, I was shocked! Here's the story...

I like to go to CVS to get Extra Care Bucks. On one of my last visits, attached to my receipt, was a coupon worth $4 IF I fill out my email and return the slip.

I'm definitely more coupon-conscious these days so I filled it out and returned it yesterday to the clerk as I checked out.

The clerk (who was in her 40's, I believe) looked at it and said, "Gmail, huh? I've never heard of that one."

I said, "You haven't heard of Gmail? It's free email from Google with all sorts of cool extra's that let you chat with friends, read & share documents, and more."

She said, "Oh...I use Google all the time."

I told her to look for the Gmail tab next time she uses Google, get an account and play around.

I guess her comment just put things into perspective for me. There are a lot of internet users out there who still have much to learn and explore. Those of us who are regular social media users and consumers tend to forget that.

I also thought, for someone who likes to do "How-To" ebooks or guides for beginners, this would be a great product to offer.

Now back to my own learning, since I have an invite to Google Friend Connect!

- Mary-Lynn

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