Friday, July 11, 2008

Men At Work Signs Sexist?

It all began when I received my Pink Mail in my inbox. I love Pink Magazine, it's a great resource to learn from other successful, professional women.

My email simply said, "Don't miss PINK on Today show tomorrow morning around 7:30!"

I thought, good for them! They're getting invited to the BIG shows! That should help them grow.

Then tonight, while checking Drudge Repor
t before turning in, I saw a headline that caught my eye. "'Men At Work' signs to disappear in Atlanta; Decision follows complaints by women...".

So I clicked on that link and it all came full circle. Pink editor Cynthia Good has decided that "Men at Work" signs are sexist. Her letter writing and telephone calls got through to public officials in Atlanta, and she's not stopping there!

Cynthia says she was incensed when she would drive past a woman holding one of these signs. She thinks it sexist for only men to be mentioned. It ticked her off so much she even spray painted "wo"onto a men at work sign.

Personally, it's never bothered me. Usually when I drive by one of those signs, I see a bunch of guys and an occasional woman. I never considered the signs sexist, but rather a "majority wins" for the sign title. It's not like you can have a sign that reads "2 Women And A Bunch Of Guys At Work."

So Cynthia has found a cause that she wants to take nationwide. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful appearance on The Today Show. But she'd better be careful, or she might have to change the name of her magazine to "Pink and Blue"...just to be fair.

What do you think? MARYLYNNFORM me!

- Mary-Lynn
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