Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why The Focus On Big Brown Blowing It?

My Way News Photo - APTOPIX Belmont Stakes Horse Racing

The headline that sparked my post today comes off Drudge: "Big Brown Blows It".

Clicking on the link took me to this story. Everyone wants to know "what went wrong". Why did the favored winner of the Belmont Stakes and potential Triple Crown winner end up in last place instead of first?

I love how the story goes on to point out that Big Brown doesn't know any different. The day after the race, he enjoyed his morning bath, his morning walk, and even had a playful spirit about him.

Meanwhile, the reporters ask for answers, the trainer avoids the reporters, and the owners shake their heads.

Could it have been his patched left front hoof? Seems like he's walking fine.
Could it have been the steroid used to help him heal? The vet says no.
Could it have been the 3 days of training he missed? He was still in good shape.
Could it have been the heat and humidity? Probably not.

So what was it?

Could it be that Big Brown, like the rest of us, just had an "off" day?

Have you ever gone to work, prepared to give a presentation that you practiced over and over...only to give a lackluster performance?

Have you ever played an extra-curricular sport, and on the day of the championship match, you had low energy and found yourself unable to come through for the win?

It happens. Nobody's perfect. Not even a horse.

So Big Brown's performance this weekend was a disappointment. And next year, we'll be reminded of how he fell short of expectations. How he "blew it".

In fact, some will laugh him off as a joke. His name is tarnished forever in horse racing history. Never mind the amazing fashion in which he did win 2 of the biggest races a horse can run.

He won 2 out of 3...and as Meat Loaf would say, that ain't bad!

- Mary-Lynn

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