Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Tradition

I just wanted to say, Happy Thanksgiving!

This is truly, one of my favorite holidays of the year. My mom really turned me on to Turkey Day. She loved it's warmth. It's sense of family. It's sense of comfort. And I feeel it now too.

My specialty, on T-Day is homemade yeast butterhorn rolls. My mom forced me to learn how to make them. As a kid, I always avoided the kitchen like the plague. But mom insisted I learn how to make them. Now, I make them every year in her honor.

Even though she is no longer with me, I still hear her coaching me. It's like a warm whisper in my ear..."don't knead the dough too much". "Make sure the water for the yeast isn't too warm". And of course, when you do knead the dough, we would always hit each other's noses with flour "because it shows the chef has been busy in the kitchen!".

What's best about these yeast rolls....the compliments! It almost becomes a chore, b/c once your family gets a taste of these...they want them every year. I'm not kidding. Take my recipe at your discretion. You will become "Butterhorn Roll" royalty. You WILL spend a day, letting dough rise not just once....but twice. You WILL be soooo in demand that you WILL have to make a double batch each time which = double the prep time.

You WILL drool when they come fresh out of the oven, and you can melt butter on them and bite into heaven. YOU will even become addicted to your own rolls.

Really, it becomes what Thanksgiving is all about....tradition!

Since I'm in the giving spirit, click here for the recipe (pdf version). It's my handwritten version, so I hope you can read my writing. I wrote this down word for word, from my mom's cookbook years ago. You may notice old stains from thanksgivings past.

- Mary-Lynn


And please do want this yeast:

Active Dry yeast...not Quick Active Dry Yeast. I screwed up one year using the wrong kind.

Have a good gobble, gobble!

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Mido said...

Happy thanksgiving day Mary!