Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hotel Secret, Prisoned Governor, Prince Lawsuit

Hotel Secret: Atlanta's Fox News team did a hidden camera investigation, to find out how big chain hotels like Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance, Sheraton, Embassy Suites and Holiday Inn wash guest room glasses. Guess what? They don't wash them!!!!

The hidden camera results show the cleaning staff just rinsing out your dirty glass, and even using your dirty bath towels to wipe them dry!! One camera even caught a staff member cleaning the toilet, and then, wearing the same glove, rinsed out the glass (and yes, she wiped the inside wearing the glove).

Here's the reporters blog about the investigation, You Think The Sheets Are Dirty

Now that we're all done getting sick, let me state this: I will NEVER trust that the glasses are clean again. In fact, I will pack a small bottle of Dawn and some paper towels next time I check in!!!

A friend also told me that she takes along anti-bacterial wipes when she travels, and wipes down the phone, door handles, counter tops and more first thing when she gets in her hotel room. Before hearing this story, I thought she was anal retentive, but now....not so much!

What germ fighting tactics do you use when going to a hotel?

Prisoned Governor: The former Governor of my state reported to prison. George Ryan's appeals fell on deaf ears. He's serving a 6 and a 1/2-year sentence for racketeering and fraud. His wife of 51 years, Lura Lynn, helped drop him off.

I know he deserves to pay for the crime, but I really feel sorry for his wife. I can't imagine what this first night without him will be like for her. It also doesn't help that this guy looks like my Grandpa.

You just hate to see a 73-year old guy go to prison, period. They've stripped him of his cushy government pension...isn't it punishment enough to make him live like an ordinary Illinois citizen? (Probably worse!)

Prince Lawsuit: Prince is suing his fans who have posted pictures, album art, and lyrics on their sites.

The site owners have received notices to cease and desist all use of photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to Prince's likeness.

I was going to post a picture of Prince on my blog, but I was afraid I'd get sued.

I would talk more about this story, but I'm afraid I'll get sued.

Guess it's just a "Sign 'O' The Times".

What a Purple Pain.

- Mary-Lynn


Perseus said...


I missed the news about the hotel cleanliness expose, but now you just confirmed what I suspected anyway. How gross! I guess I will have to take measures when I travel. Any articles on suggested measures?

Mary-Lynn said...


I just did some googling to find an answer for you.

Here's an article link with helpful idea's and more gross-outs:

And you can get all sorts of tips on hotels from this guy:

Thanks for your comment!