Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Royal Snort

It's another royal embarrassment for Prince Harry. Footage from video of the prince in a drinking bout while on a four-day canoe trip with girlfriend Chelsy Davy and more than 20 pals on the Orange River in Namibia last November. First he pops back the vodka....

Then, swills it around his mouth, spits it back into the cap and then snorts it up his nose.

Lot's of bare-chested fun ensues afterward.
(Doesn't this remind you of Miss Nevada USA??)

And before you know it, he's serving up a nipple martini.
(This pop star comes to mind.)

Though it just seems like fun for a young man in his 20's, snorting vodka seems a bit extreme, not to mention dangerous. Plus it's just gross (kamakazi snot?)
Hey, look! It's Prince Harry this halloween!

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Redneck dude snorts from the bottle!

Rejected vodka add

- Mary-Lynn

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