Friday, October 26, 2007

My Sleepwalking Story

The story about a surge of naked sleepwalkers reminded me of a scary incident when I was a very young, eight years old.

I was staying at a hotel with my grandparents. I had a tendency to sleepwalk as a child, and that's what happened this particular night.

I woke up....standing in the hotel hallway!!! I was disoriented, and thought I was still dreaming. Then it hit me: I have no idea which room they are in!

I shuffled down the hall with my bare feet, in my PJ's, and found the front desk. I remember asking the lady there if she knew "which room my grandma & grandpa are in". She told me no...and that was the extent of her help. Can you believe that? Even as a child I knew she was a jerk.

So, back down the hall I went. I was on my own.

I saw a door that I thought looked familiar, so I started pounding on the door calling for my grandpa.

You should've see the shocked look on the poor man's face who answered the door!! It wasn't grandpa, although I think I gave the guy some new gray hairs.

Then, I swear, a miracle happened. As I walked further down, I heard a familiar sound...the loud snore of my grandpa! He really did have a distinctive snore. And then something else incredible happened...the door was not pulled shut, so it wasn't locked!

I went in and immediately knew I was in the right room. I pulled the door shut, and curled up under the blankets thankful my ordeal was over!

That morning, I told my granparents what had happened. They couldn't believe it! They were relieved that I had found my way back, and made a point to talk to the manager about the less than helpful attendant at the front desk!

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- Mary-Lynn

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