Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Make Money With Your Blogs and Podcasts

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm just getting back from Ontario California for the New Media Expo and it was well worth the money!

Normally, I talk about current events, but I'll postpone talking about Britney Spears to bring you this valuable information.

I was so impressed with the quality of the sessions (my hand hurt from taking so many notes!). I was also amazed by how friendly people were, and how open experts and fellow new media folks were to sharing helpful tips. (Big thanks to Rob Walch, Jeff Hinz for the time they took helping us understand the whole podcasting process.)

My fiance, George, and I are working on a new media project that we hope to launch in early '08. We both know the content we want to provide, but we just didn't know enough about the technical side of it all, and how to create our business plan so we can make money off our content. So, we went to PME '07 to get ask questions, and we definitely got answers!

It would be impossible for me to share with you all that I learned, but I will provide some links to people from the expo who I really enjoyed meeting...great people to give you the advice you'll want to help move your podcasts/blogs to the next level! They will certainly give you food for thought, and keep up up to date with current technology.

In no particular order:

- Jason Van Orden
- Susan Bratton
- Paul Colligan
- Holland Cooke
- Todd Cochrane
- Chris Brogan
- Lorri Randle

Those are just a few...who do you recommend? Who do you rely on for advice? Who's advice has made a difference in your online world? Leave links in your comments and give them props!

- Mary-Lynn


Susan Bratton said...

Hi Mary-Lynn,
Thanks so much for including me in your Expo link round up. I wonder if you might point the link to my current bio and website, rather than my old one? I forgot I had that page up and will remove it.
Thanks so much!

Mary-Lynn said...
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Mary-Lynn said...

I've changed the link, Susan. Thanks for letting me know!