Sunday, May 6, 2007

The worst punishment for Paris Hilton Is...

Poor Paris...she's going to jail! No makeup, no hair-dye, no cell phone, no designer clothes, no fancy sheets, no parties, and the worst thing of camera's!!!!!

Oh the humanity!

What will Paris do for 45 days with no camera's to feed her attention needs? We' ve seen way to much of Paris in her sex video, and you can't go a day without seeing video of Paris on her way in and out of clubs thanks to the paparazzi. We've seen her as a maid, and a farm girl, and soon as a camp counselor on The Simple Life. We've seen her dancing drunk with her sister on YouTube mocking Jewish and African-American people. We've seen video of her showing up late for court, coming out of court with glasses to hide her tears, and now video of her telling reporters outside her home that she doesn't deserve her cruel and unwarranted sentence... Oh yes, and shopping with her mom.

We've even seen video of Paris getting popped for her DUI, and getting busted for driving while on probation.

I think this sentence is good for us! We need a break from Paris "I don't read my own mail or license suspension notices" Hilton. Too bad she doesn't read, Paris could write an autobiography chronicalling her experience in lock-down.

Just think, while Paris is away, we'll get an overdose of video on Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears...lucky us.


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