Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There is no debate - We can't be safe

I've watched the news about the Virginia Tech shootings with horror. I've grieved over the senseless loss of life. I've been amazed by the stories of survival and sacrafice. I've felt anger that one sick person can cause such incomprehensible death and despair.

As the nation comes to grips with this shocking rampage of historic proportions, the debates have begun: Do we need improved campus security? Do we need to have stricter gun control laws?

My answer to both is "No".

There is no way we can put campus's across the country on a permanent lockdown. We are a free society. We cannot and should not change that.

I support our 2nd ammendment right to bear arms. Even if you take the right away from citizens, a killer will find a way to get a weapon to take innocent lives. Seung-Hui Cho also carried knives...

We can't even stop a person who show signs of troubled behavior. Lucinda Roy, one of Cho's professors at VT became concerned about the themes in some of his writings. She worried for her own safety after trying to help him. Roy went to authorities, who said nothing could be done (not even forced counseling) because of the legal hurdles.

Columbine, the amish school children in Pennsylvania, Luby's Cafeteria...they all have one thing in common: meditated murder. An introverted person devotes his time thinking about a way to "get revenge". He devotes his every thought and action into doing something bad. He fantasizes about it, he carefully plans it out.

The sad truth is, no matter what we do, we can't prevent a disturbed person from doing bad things. They will always find a way. They won't voluntarily seek help. They won't reach out to their loved ones. They won't even just take their own lives before taking others...doing it with no emotion and with no remorse.

Quite frankly, I feel helpless to stop the next rampage that is sure to occur. The debates on gun control and campus security won't stop it either.


- Professor saw warning signs

- Students become onsite reporters

- Armed students subdue Appalachian School of Law shooter

- Was Cho schizo?


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