Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring Fashion Police

Spring is certainly here, and with it comes: new buds on the trees, sprouting flowers and plants, and fresh air lightly flowing into our homes throught our opened windows. Spring also ushers in lighter clothes, some which should not be worn. Case in point...spandex shorts.

It wouldn't be so bad if everyone who wore it looked like this, but that just isn't the case. I just saw a jogger in my neighborhood sporting spandex shorts with a t-shirt. Spandex without a shirt (and the appropriate body) looks hot. Spandex underneath a pair of athletic shorts looks hot. Spandex and a t-shirt does not.

Which brings me to another bad spring fashion...

The gardening man with pasty white legs who insists on wearing mid-calf black socks and shorts. Why do guys do this??? At least he is not wearing spandex!

This spring, do us all a favor: don't blind us with your white legs and don't wear clothes that outline everything God gave you!

Here are some helpful MARYLYNNFORMATION links for your spring fashion:

- Stylish athletic shorts

- WHITE athletic socks

- Color for your skin!

I'll save my lecture on Speedo's for summer!



Anonymous said...

My dad used to do the black sock was so embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

You should check out MY pasty white legs. Sunglasses are required. - Larry

Anonymous said...

How about the guys with hairy backs that go shirtless? Let's ban that too! Angela

Anonymous said...

The spandex dude you have pictured is turning me on - Bob

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob...I aim to please!


Anonymous said...

The gardener guy is a hottie! - Michelle