Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Was An Accident

So the doctor spoke today and we now know that Anna Nicole died from an accidental overdose. As I watched the "Live Show" discussion on
FOX News,where the guest commentators debated who is to blame. Who helped her get all of those prescription drugs? Why didn't Howard K Stern insist Anna Nicole take a trip to the hospital? Why didn't the nurse know more about the drugs Anna Nicole was taking? Who the heck injected the shot in her butt? Why didn't any of her friends/family try to get her help for her drug addictions?

Let me ask you this...why is anyone but Anna Nicole to blame for her death? The overdose cannot be blamed on Howard, the nurse, her body guard, her psychologist, her numerous lovers, or anyone else that hung in her posse (kind of a pun there).

Anna made her own choices. She CHOSE to stay in her own little foggy world so she wouldn't have to face the real world. As my dad would say, "You're not gonna fly like an eagle if you hang with turkey's".

It's still a sad story. Next up, we'll find out who Dannielynn's dad is and there's the inquest into Daniel's death.

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