Sunday, September 11, 2011

Strength from the Families of Those Lost on 9/11

Peter Negron was only 11 years old when his father was killed ten years ago. Peter's father worked on the 88th floor of WTC 1. Peter spoke today in New York at the Memorial Service, he is now a 21 year old young man who brought tears to my eyes as he said "I miss you so much, Dad." Peter Negron 10 years later: ‘I miss you so much, Dad’ | The Upshot - Yahoo! News:

Friday on my radio show, I spoke with Maureen Santora. Her son Christopher, at the age of only 23, became the youngest FDNY firefighter to die on this day ten years ago. She has dedicated her life to commemorating his through books she has written, and a scholarship she has established in Christopher's name.

I'm planning to talk with John Feal tomorrow. John is the director of the Zdroga Bill, and he has created a foundation that accepts donations to help pay the medical bills of New York's first responders.

As I remember those who lost their lives on this horrible day, I am comforted by the strength of the family members left behind. Maureen asked that we send many prayers to those family members as they grieve today. Please join me in fulfilling her request.

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