Monday, August 1, 2011

A Dissatisfied Political Cloud

There's a tag cloud about the recent budget negotiations and it isn't a pretty one. The majority of people in a Pew Research Center and The Washington Post survey used the words "ridiculous" "disgusting" and "stupid" the most to describe their feelings about it.

In fact 71% of respondents referred to the negotiations in these negative terms.

It's understandable. Our Government wants more than a trillion dollars with the snap of a finger, but doesn't want to cut the same amount of spending. In fact, even with the deal passed by the House today, it takes years to cut the same amount borrowed.

And guess what...when this mess is over....we still need to pass a budget for fiscal year 2012 when the latest continuing resolution ends in September.

So all the bickering we have grown tired of, the debates along political lines, the same pointing and name calling, the same rhetoric, will rear its ugly head again. And you know what? We need to pay attention no matter how painful it is.

I think sometimes our politicians hope we grow tired and ignore it all. They hope we'll turn the off switch on when it comes to their wheeling and dealing. But we must resist the urge. We must be vigilant! If we don't care now, we won't have the passion needed to change things.

While the behavior in Washington D.C may seem "pathetic" we do more harm to the nation by becoming "apathetic". We the people can and will make a difference!

What are your feelings on the negotiations?

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