Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't Say These Words


Lake Superior State University's annual list of banished words is out. The words on the list I am tired of hearing are:

CARBON FOOTPRINT - Especially since Al Gore has a big one.

MAVERICK - I've never heard someone called this so much, only to not act like one.

FIRST DUDE - Greta Van Susteren single handedly overused this word when Todd Palin went "On the Record"...oh it drove me nuts!

BAILOUT - Because now everybody wants one.

WALL STREET/MAIN STREET - The way things have been going, apparently we (the everyday folks) are now Wall Streets Main Street bank!

GAME CHANGER - Just as annoying as "at the end of the day"

STAYCATION - A silly word that the media tried to make trendy.

What are your thoughts on the banned words? Any you would add?

- Mary-Lynn

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1 comment:

MrsThunder said...

Ive been known to say "at the end of the day" but it's only when I am talking abouth the frustrations of being a stay at home mom. For instance, " At the end of the day, I am glad I made the choices I did, but in the middle of the day I want a drink".

Beyond that staycation is not only lame to say, but not the greatest vacation ever, which is why we are taking a roda trip this year ;) Too many staycations make the Thunders a dull family.