Monday, November 3, 2008

What is this bigg bug?

We saw this thing outside today. George thinks it's a spider but I am

not sure. I tried to get another shot of it, but just as I was about

to click, it made a sudden move, and then I did to! Don't want that

thing jumping on me! Do you know what it is? - Mary-Lynn

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Amy said...

Well, it's definitely not a spider. Spiders do have 8 legs, but other than that I dont know. I can say that I am a gold card carrying member of the bug phobia club, but it looks like either an albino cricket, or a grasshopper, or a corss between. Either way, Iw!

Amy said...

ok, I give up. Just for you guys, I tried to look it up online, and found nothing and got really grossed out. I need therapy now ;)

Good luck on your bug hunt :D

Mary-Lynn said...

Amy thanks for trying. Could this bug be an inspiration for a jewelry piece?