Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC: Where Free Speech and Asssembly Collide

The guy in the middle of this mob in the streets of Denver is Fox News reporter, Griff Jenkins. In the heart of this particular anti-war rally, was the controversial (now former) professor at the University of Colorado. Back in September of 2001, Ward Churchill wrote an essay that called victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks "little Eichmanns."

Some people thought he was "right on," while others thought he was "way off." Anyhow, he still has a following...including the media.

So Griff wanted to talk with Ward. He chased after him, but when he caught up, he ran into Ward's security dudes. They apparently don't like Fox News, or Griff. A little shoving followed. Now its a he said / he said to determine who touched who first.

Then Griff was surrounded by the demonstrators who proceeded to chant that Fox News tells lies. I watch Fox News, and I've never felt lied too, so it was interesting to hear Griff tell his side of the story on The O'Reilly Factor.

He talked about how his camera man got shoved around a bit, and how some members of the crowd kept trying to get his camera to destroy it. Hmmm, so much for peaceful demonstrations!

It seems to me that some of these "demonstrators" are just angry people, who use the "mob mentality" as an excuse to behave badly. They aren't fighting for a cause. They're the kind of people who can tell you how wrong everything is, but never offer a sensible solution to the problem. Why do that? It's easier to put on a mask, carry a sign, beat up a camera man, and chant.

Jeez, even Cindy Sheehan had to come to Griff's rescue.

There's sure to be more craziness in the coming days. You can keep up on the latest protest and demonstration news here,

Oh, and if I were Griff, I'd steal a CNN mic flag!

- Mary-Lynn

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