Thursday, November 1, 2007

The War On Black Friday

We're still picking the lead out of our fake teeth from Halloween, and already the holiday shopping hype has begun.

Actually, I saw holiday ads for The Home Shopping Network and Pepto-Bismol BEFORE Halloween.

Now, a number of big retailers are jump-starting holiday sales with big discounts and doorbuster specials starting today.

You'll find deals at: Toys "R" Us, and Circuit City.

Wal-Mart is even moving "Black Friday" to this Friday!

Black Friday has always been unique because most people have the day off and the tradition is to go shopping. Making every Friday "Black" will dilute the one day of frenzied shopping a year.

Why not color code these Black Friday hybrids, similiar to our terror alert chart:

There's only ONE Black Friday: the day where people will line up outside stores starting at 5am, the day where people will trample each other for a great deal on a Nintendo Wii, the day where parking lot stalkers will circle the mall for hours and run you over to get a close spot, the day where you can burn an hour just waiting to check out.

Don't mess with Black Friday. Leave it the way it is. I avoid shopping on that day for a reason. If every Friday in November becomes a Black Friday, I will definitely stay home and do my holiday shopping online!

- Mary-Lynn

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