Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dog Gone Sick

My doggie is sick...he's got the shivers, hence the blanket covering him. I took him to the vet yesterday to get some help for him. He got sick 2 nights ago and went downhill from there. He has whipworms again (which will happen with Gus since he likes to eat dirt and other gross things).

It seems we have a liver issue too. It's one of three things: he ate something toxic, he has a bacterial infection, or it's cancer. I'm pretty sure it isn't the toxic thing b/c we are good about keeping things away from him (he's like a kid that way). I would think #2 is possible, I pray it's not #3.

I've had Gus for many years. He was my mom's dog and I adopted him when she passed away. He has been my link to her...I've been taking care of her little boy. I'm tearing up just typing this right now.

It's funny, b/c I never was a dog person...always just content to have a kitty cat. But this little guy (OK, not so little) is pretty special. My mom, all her life, had a knack for having dogs with GREAT personality. Gus is no exception, just look at those eyes in the picture above.

Well, I will quit acting like he's a goner. It's just that he is 16 years old, and I guess I'm coming to grips with what might be coming. Keep your fingers crossed that it's just an infection! He's going back into the vet tomorrow morning, first thing, for a toxic flush, and for blood tests for infection. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, I'm giving him lot's of loving care.


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- Mary-Lynn


Internet Safety Queen said...

What a beautiful dog! He looks like a beagle. If so, I've had 2, along with my other furry 4-legged children.

I hope he will get better soon. Our pets, for many of us, are more than just a "dog" or a "cat"; they are are a huge part of our family.

Mary-Lynn said...

Internet Safety Queen: He is a beagle. He's doing a little bit better...still waiting for results of the blood test to see if he has a bacterial infection. Thanks for commenting!