Sunday, March 11, 2007

How Can You Hurt An Old Lady?

Have you seen the video of the guy who attacked a 101 year old woman?

What is wrong with this guy? He pretends to offer to hold the door for her (since she uses a walker) and then he punches her in the face, takes her purse, pats down her coat and then, if that wasn't enough....after he takes her purse he punches her again and pushes her down to the ground as he walks out the door.

Do you know what she was getting ready to do? Go to Church. Talk about a guy who deserves to go straight to not pass go...go directly to Hell!

The woman is fine, in fact she is a strong woman who says if she had been younger, she'd have chased after this a**hole! Here's the kind of justice I would like to see: When they catch him, they should give her a baseball bat and let her take a few swings. Better yet, I hear the guy rides around on a pink bicycle...just let Bubba have him once he's in the clink.

This isn't the only old woman this guy has preyed on. Stories like this scare me b/c someday I will be a vulnerable little old lady. At first, I didn't even want to see this video, the headline turned my stomache enough. I finally succombed to my curiosity. He hits her pretty hard, and that was difficult for me to watch. Imagine if that was YOUR grandmother!!!

I'm so relieved that she is OK and I hope that the church she attends will make arrangements for her to be picked up from now on.

- Mary-Lynn

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